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What is an anti-inflammatory food?

Anti Inflammatory Foods

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

In recent times, you might have heard a buzz about inflammation, anti-inflammatory foods, anti-inflammatory diets, anti-inflammatory herbs and so on like that. You begin to wonder the importance of all these to your health. You’re not alone. Yes, you aren’t. Here is a scoop about inflammatory foods and herbs, and the reasons why they are good for your health. Let’s get started:

What is Inflammation?

Scientifically, the word “inflammation” generally refers to the natural response of the body to foreign invaders. It is usually a proactive mechanism. It is a situation of defense when the body’s immune system actively reacts to fight off or wage war against foreign invaders such as microbes, toxins, plant pollens, irritants, chemicals, and infections. Inflammation, however, may either be acute or chronic.

What is an anti-inflammatory food?

Anti-inflammatory food or diet is an eating pattern strategically designed to either prevent or reduce chronic inflammation, a key risk in a host of diseases and other health problems. Now, you may be wondering about why the emphasis laid on anti-inflammatory foods? What does anti-inflammatory foods do?

Whenever the body of a human being recognizes the presence of any foreign invader, the auto-immune system becomes instantly activated. And then, this results in a process called inflammation. However, inflammation often persists day in day out, and that’s when the foreign invaders are regarded as your enemy.

Several research experiments conducted on inflammation has revealed that the powerful tools to fight against inflammation does not come from the pharmacy stores, but the grocery stores. Many of these research studies have proven that the components of our foods and beverages are loaded with anti-inflammatory effects.

Why is anti-inflammatory food good for your health?

When you make adjustments to some of your basic lifestyles such as stress management, reducing the risk of environmental contaminants, sleep hygiene and consuming more of anti-inflammatory foods and herbs, you tend to reduce inflammation in your body significantly.

Several studies have proven that anti-inflammatory foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, legumes, healthy oils, and fishes substantially reduces your risk of inflammation and other inflammatory-related health problems. Apart from that, anti-inflammatory foods also support healthy body composition and promote healthy intestinal flora.

There you have it! Inflammatory foods and why they are good for your health. However, anti-inflammatory foods combined with other lifestyle choices such as high-quality sleep, stress management, and maintenance of healthy weight are the only tool to help you manage inflammation.